Asesoría Estratégica


Strategic advice and regulatory Law

Strategic advice and regulatory Law

Palacio y Asociados provides comprehensive global strategic advice on investment, cooperative processes and policy, with a particular focus on Europe, Africa and the Americas, to help its clients – companies, associations, nonprofit organizations and individuals – project themselves globally, in an increasingly competitive and complex market in constant change.

The shape of regulatory law has traditionally differed depending on perspective, notably if it came from an Anglo-Saxon or continental point of view. However, in the midst of a period of simultaneous legal convergence and upheaval as we see today, special attention must be given to societal processes and forces.

Reflecting this need for a broader perspective, our work includes monitoring legislative and regulatory projects, impact analysis, negotiations with the public sector, planning and conduct of administrative and judicial appeals, and comprehensive advice on the interactions between law, politics and economics in a wide range of regulatory environments. We further develop reports and projects ranging from broader geostrategic and sociological issues to discrete analyses of particular sectors, for instance immigration and customs.