Asesoramiento Juridico


Legal advice, litigation, arbitration and mediation

Legal advice, litigation arbitration and mediation

The firm Palacio y Asociados remains a traditional law firm continuing its long practice of providing services in the fields of civil and commercial law.

We have extensive experience in civil law, particularly in the areas of property rights and their transfer, family and succession law, right to honor, and both civil and administrative aspects of construction and real estate law.

In the commercial field, we provide comprehensive advice to corporations, including in the context of corporate boards and as legal counsel, on issues encompassing all stages from incorporation and statutory reform to corporate reorganization, dissolution and liquidation. We have participated in the execution of several shareholders’ agreements with a wide range of content and purpose (for example protection of minorities, protection of family groups, governance agreements, management of dividend policy, and resolution of deadlock situation). We further perform drafting and assist in negotiations of all types of contracts, advise contracting parties on the rights of consumers and users, as well as general contracting conditions and competition law. We also provide analysis and interpretation of existing contracts, issuing legal advice regarding their content and scope.

At Palacio y Asociados we dedicate ourselves to meeting our clients’ needs, first through non-procedural solutions. However, when such approaches are not possible, we defend our clients in all types of judicial and arbitration proceedings. We notably advise on all forms of declarative and executive actions in civil and exchange procedures, as well as in relation to the execution of foreign arbitral and court resolutions in Spain.

Our legal team has extensive experience in the practice of domestic and international arbitration, representing our clients in ad hoc and institutional arbitration under the rules of the main Spanish Arbitration Courts. We further advise our clients on aspects prior to the initiation of arbitration, such as negotiation and formation of the arbitration agreement itself. We also represent our clients in legal proceedings that may arise in the course of arbitration such as the appointment of the arbitrator, legal assistance regarding proof, injunctions, annulment and enforcement of the resolution.

In terms of international arbitration, we have experience in both commercial and protection of investment-related arbitration. We have also been involved in ICSID proceedings; with Ana Palacio also a member of the panel of arbitrators of that body.

The firm has expert mediators in mediation in civil and commercial matters; who act as independent mediators or as legal counsels, assisting clients throughout the mediation process and, where appropriate, in the final phase of drafting and validating the agreements reached.