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Comprehensive strategic consultancy services in Europe,

the Americas and the African continent.

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Pza. de las Salesas nº 3
28004 – Madrid
Tel. +34 91 310 32 94
Fax +34 91 308 14 63


32, Rue du Parnasse
Ixelles 1050 – Bruxelles
Tel. + 32 (0)2 540 21 46
Fax + 32 (0)2 503 14 39


1422 35th St NW
20007 Washington DC
Phone +1 202 558 2293
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Ana Palacio

Founder of Palacio y Asociados

Ana Palacio is an international lawyer and founder of Palacio y Asociados. Ms. Palacio is a member of the Consejo de Estado del Reino de España (Council of State) – the supreme consultative body to the Spanish Government on legislation and regulation.

Urquiola de Palacio

Managing Partner at Palacio y Asociados

A practicing lawyer since 1992, Urquiola de Palacio is Managing Partner at Palacio y Asociados, Attorneys at Law; she has experience in civil (continental), European, international, and commercial law. In September 2019, Mrs. Palacio became the President of the Madrid Court of Arbitration.

Legal counsel services

We provide a range of out-of-court solutions to service its clients’ interests.

Litigation and arbitration

We have extensive experience in commercial arbitration, investment protection and have been involved in ICSID proceedings.

Strategic Consultancy

We provide clients with comprehensive global strategic advice in investment and development projects.

Regulatory law

We monitor the development of law and regulation from initial phases through implementation, conduct impact analyses, and assist in public sector negotiations.

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